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1. We are starting this internal journal on the day we have resolved to assert ourselves as existence and not as the function of a defined undertaking. Up until now we have been meeting without having felt any need to identify — even in our own eyes — such a paradox.

Originally we were satisfied with a name appropriate to a study group (that is to say a function).

Even the title of this journal signifies that our shared existence may now be given a name that is as independent from servitude as is a person or a country.

2. The texts that will appear in this journal will be testimony to the efforts that will engage us in the shared life of Acéphale and will set forth what we believe it is impossible to repudiate.

3. The names of those taking part in setting up this internal journal are Georges Ambrosino, Georges Bataille, Jacques Chavy, Rene Chenon, Henri Dubief, Pierre Dugan, Henri Dussat, Imre Kelemen and Pierre Klossowski.

-Georges Bataille, 9 Feb 1937

Current Issue (Winter 2020)