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Invitation to a Totemic Dinner (from Acéphale 2)

Georges Bataille

On Friday, 18 December 1936, at 8:45 pm, a dinner will take place at 4 Place du Tertre, Paris, to which Georges AMBROSINO, Georges BATAILLE, Jacques CRAVY, Rene CHENON, Jean DAUTRY, Pierre DUGAN, Henri DUSSAT, Pierre KAAN, Imre KELEMEN, Pierre KLOSSOWSKI and Jean ROLLIN are invited.

The eleven guests may rest assured that they will be the only persons present.

I am obliged to communicate the same message to each one of those whose names appear
on an anonymous invitation. The fact that such a meal could be contemplated proves the existence of a profound misunderstanding as regards the objective of a collective action.

Georges Bataille
Until 6 pm tomorrow
The Lumina

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