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Programme (from Acéphale 2)

Georges Bataille

  1. To establish a community for the creation of values, values for the creation of cohesion.
  2. To lift the curse, the feeling of guilt that afflicts men and forces them into wars they do not want, and which binds them to work whose benefits elude them.
  3. To take on the function of destruction and decomposition, but as an achievement, not as a negation of being.
  4. To achieve the personal fulfillment of being and its tension by means of concentration, through a positive asceticism and positive personal discipline.
  5. To achieve the universal fulfillment of being within the irony of the animal world and through the revelation of an acephalic universe, playful rather than one of status or duty.
  6. To take upon oneself both perversion and crime not as exclusive values but as something that must be integrated into the human totality.
  7. To fight for the break-up and abolition of all communities, including national, socialist and communist communities and churches, apart from this universal community.
  8. To affirm the reality of these values and the human inequality which results, and to recognise the organic nature of society.
  9. To take part in the destruction of the world as it presently exists, with eyes wide open to the world that will follow.
  10. To consider the world that will follow in the sense of the reality it contains now and not in the sense of some ultimate happiness which is not only inaccessible but also repellent.
  11. To affirm the value of violence and the will for aggression as the cornerstone of the all powerful.

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