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Prohibitions Regarding the Forest of Acéphale

Georges Bataille

  1. Do not enter that part of the Forest of Yveline, which in ancient times was called the Forest of Cruye, other than in such a way as to exclude any possible discord with the spirit of sanctuary we identify in this forest.
  2. Do not enter one specific area of the forest- whose boundaries will be communicated at a later date- other than for Acéphale’s encounters.
  3. Never utter a single word- not event the slightest allusion- regarding these encounters, not for any reason nor in the presence of anyone whatsoever, unless under exceptional circumstances which will be communicated at a later date.
  4. If there is sufficient cause, the option exists to put this subject directly into words in a written text for the internet journal of Acéphale which may then be handed to one of us.
  5. Obey all the negative instructions specific to each encounter (including not speaking, not straying from the path, not leaving a place during a given period, not opening the envelope until the time stated).


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