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Rules as of 24.9.1937

Georges Bataille

1. Meetings will be limited in principle to two principal sessional meetings at Easter and in September and two secondary sessional meetings at Christmas and at the beginning of July.

2. The sessional meeting at Easter will incorporate an external meeting and the sessional meeting of September will include an “annual summation”.

3. At each sessional meeting, each of us will be expected to provide an account of the various conversations he has had with strangers about our ideas.

4. A meeting can always be called if two of us judge it necessary, but they will have to specify the reason and the agenda. Summons to meetings can only be sent out after Ambrosino or Bataille have been notified and have been able to give their consent.

5. Outside of meetings, informal appointments may be arranged anywhere, and require only one of us to set them up.

6. An interview can always be requested by two of us with one of the others.

7. Any of us who is in a state of severe depression will always be able to obtain an interview with two others.

8. After each sessional meeting, from a starting date that has been fixed on each occasion, for two weeks we vow not to meet, whether just two of us or more, other than for the most important of reasons.


1. It is understood that any references to encounters must be limited, outside meetings, and between us, to all but the most unavoidable.

2. In meetings they can only be on the agenda for serious or exceptional reasons.

3. During interviews each of us may speak freely.

4. Amongst strangers, the greatest caution is required when making any references to them.

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