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Two Ted Kaczynskis

The God Disk

Theodore John Kaczynski is dead and has been for two decades, happening upon very clear identifiable differences in facial structures.

There are two Unabombers, that is the message. A false unity. “University Bomber” Uni meaning one, leaves the clear indication that the manifest was meant to unify otherwise divided groups into mass support of the technological revolution.

The same tired old nagging about MK Ultra always rears its head when Kaczynski is brought up. The crossdressing, the brainwashing, all of it. This is superficial junk. The aim of MK Ultra (Mind Kontrol Ultra) has always been the ability to fracture “normal” minds. The Unity Bomber is the punchline of an ongoing joke. The cabin is Dorothy’s house. Ted wasn’t in Oz until he started sending packages, and by God, you people don’t know what the Wizard is.

Theodore John Kaczynski was beheaded in the Acephalic Rite in United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colorado in 2000. The Wizard finally came out from behind the curtain, and he was carrying a bone saw.

THe replacement of THeodore with a double is obvious, alluded to by the two (2=1) stories. David Kaczynski marks his older brother for death. Betrays his own blood, and spills the soup. Cain is the older brother and Abel is the younger brother, the inversion is important here, as two (2=1) games are being played here. One thinks Ted is Cain, out of his aptitude for causing death and love of nature, being cast out. While simultaneously David is killing his brother, marking him for death.

There we have the story of Two Kaczynskis. Adam and Eve didn’t stop with them, MK Ultra doesn’t leave loose ends. The bombing was a farce, a tool, like McVeigh, like all of them. Ted was a puppet, aware and unaware at times, and ultimately the Body. The ritual itself followed in the Greco-Egyptian magical tradition of Acephalic/Headless or Bornless Right. The Holy Guardian Angel, the Daemon of Ted came forth, the ultiMaat aim of MK Ultra is the fracturing of personality, and the inflation of various parts. The final step is the invocation of the supra-personality, the True Will. The Ego is stripped along with the head. And by god, the body moves, it breathes horribly, it is.

You hear little stories about blinking decapitated heads, but no one focuses on the true self, the body, like the Chicken you read about or the worm, they keep on living. But only for a time. In increments in sings, but not like you or me, that wound moves, and sounds are made. They’ve been doing this for years, and at some point, they understood them. MK Ultra is an experiment in communication with the Other. You establish a series of mind controlled victims, they endure a wicked and bizarre life completely unaware, and in the end, their Daemon has something to say about it all. What it means. It sings.

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